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Home Broadband

Frequently asked questions

O2 Home Phone

  • 1. How do I switch to O2 Home Phone?
  • Try our Availability checker. All you need is your phone number and your postcode.

    It'll tell you whether you can get broadband and home phone. If you can, all you need to do is place your order with us and we'll do the rest. Once you've placed your order, it will take ten working days before we do anything. This is to allow your current supplier to write to you and make sure that you're happy to leave them. It's a process that's set down by our governing body Ofcom.
  • 2. How do I order?
  • You can order in our shop or call us on 0800 230 0202 if you'd rather speak to someone. If you've already got O2 Home Broadband, then you need to have your online broadband username and password handy. Don't worry if you've forgotten them, we can help.
  • 3. What are your prices?
  • You can look at our pricing document if you'd like to see the price of every call. But, if you'd like to know the prices for calls that you'll make most, click here
  • 4. Can I have one bill for my broadband and home phone?
  • Our customers have told us that they want to have one bill for their home and broadband so that's what we've given you. Your bill payment will be taken from your existing Direct Debit if you've already got home broadband with us. If you're new to O2 Home and Broadband we'll get you to set up a Direct Debit.

    All our bills are online. But if you need a large font bill, an audio bill or a Braille bill, please call us and let us know.
  • 5. Can I get all the normal services like Call Waiting?
  • Yes you can. You told us that you wanted to be able to add what you wanted and not to have it all built in, so that's what we've done.
  • 6. Do I need to sign a new contract if I have broadband already?
  • If you're still in a contract period with us, you'll need to sign a new 12 month contract for your broadband and home phone. If you're out of your broadband contract, you can choose to sign up for a 12 month contract on broadband and home phone, or choose our 30-day rolling contract option. There's a £30.63 set-up fee for the 30-day rolling contract package.
  • 7. Can I keep my current phone number?
  • We’ll always try but unfortunately it’s not always possible. Our friendly advisors will be able to give you more details.
  • 8. Can anyone get a home phone with you?
  • Most people can get a home phone with us, and we’re able to install new landlines or switch you over from other providers if required. There's an £86.81 charge if you take The Basics or Access Package or a £43 charge if you take The All Rounder or The Works package.
  • 9. Can O2 put a new landline into my property?
  • Yes. If you need to have a new landline put in, we can arrange this for you. There's an £86.81 charge for sending the engineer out to do this work.
  • 10. What if I don't like it?
  • We really hope you do, but if not, you always have our 30 day happiness guarantee. You can cancel your service at anytime within the first 30 days.

O2 Home Broadband

  • 1. How do I switch to O2 from another broadband company?
  • You'll need to ask your current provider for a MAC code, which is the code that we use to switch your broadband over. Once you've given us the code, we'll arrange for your broadband to be moved - the process shouldn't take more than two weeks and you shouldn't be without broadband for more than a few hours.
  • 2. How do I get O2 Home Broadband with cable?
  • We can't supply O2 Home Broadband over a cable landline, so if you only have one of these at your address, we'll need to put in a new O2 Home Phone landline for your broadband. There's an £86.81 charge for this.
  • 3. What connection speed can I expect?
  • O2 Home Broadband is always fast. But broadband is an inexact science. The speed you actually get varies, and it depends on lots of things. Mainly, it comes down to how far you are from your local telephone exchange. The closer you are, the better the chance of getting a scorchingly-fast connection. If you're further away, we have to throttle back a little to make sure the broadband signal gets through OK. We always give you the highest speed we can - and as long as you can get O2 Home Broadband, it'll be fast enough.

    Find out more about things that could affect your broadband speed.
  • 4. What if I am not getting the speed I thought I would?
  • Broadband speed can vary dependant on many factors outside our control, the main one being length of your landline. The further you are from your local exchange, the less speed we can give you. For the first 2 weeks of service we will monitor your speed to get a more precise reading. If we find you are not getting the speeds we estimated we are happy to adjust your package to a lower one (if available).

    Find out more about things that could affect your broadband speed, or visit our help section to see what you can do to improve the speed of your O2 Home Broadband connection.
  • 5. What if I don't have an O2 mobile phone?
  • It doesn't matter if you have one of our mobile phones or not. As long as O2 Home Broadband is available in your area, you can sign up. After all, we like making new friends. But if you do have an O2 mobile phone we've a couple of extras for you. You can send and receive email and even keep your calendar up-to-date, all from your handset. And you'll enjoy a discount of £5 a month on our usual Home Broadband tariffs.
  • 6. Do I have to sign a contract if I want O2 Home Broadband?
  • When you sign up to O2 Home Broadband, you can choose between a 12 month contract or a 30-day rolling contract. If you're on the 12 month contract and you want to leave us before the 12 months is past, you'll have to pay a disconnection charge. If you're on the 30-day contract, you can leave at any time by giving us 30 days notice - there's a £30.63 set-up fee for this package.
  • 7. How do I order O2 Home Broadband?
  • It's easy to order O2 Home Broadband online. First we'll check you can get our service. Then we'll ask you to fill in our order form. The whole process only takes a few minutes.

    There are a few things you'll need to hand:

    • The number of the landline you want to use for broadband, if you already have a landline installed.
    • Your home address.
    • Your bank account details to set-up a Direct Debit Instruction.
    • A valid UK debit card to verify your billing address.
    • A MAC key if you're swapping from another broadband provider.
    • Your mobile phone number, so we can text you when your service is up and running. It doesn't matter if you're not an O2 mobile customer.
    • Your current email address, so we can send your registration details through.
    • You can also order over the phone. Call 0800 380 0402 and someone nice will take you through the whole process.
  • 8. How long will it take to get my O2 Home Broadband connected?
  • We'll try and get you online as quickly as possible. But as there's quite a lot for us to do, it can be up to two weeks before everything's up and running. We'll send you a text message when it's all ready to go but you'll still be connected with your old supplier until the switch happens, when you may lose connection for a couple of hours.
  • 9. Can I still keep my current phone number?
  • You can almost certainly keep your phone number when you sign up to O2 Home Broadband. If you're switching your landline to O2 Home Phone at the same time, we'll make sure that you keep the same number. If you're staying with your current landline provider, you'll keep that number – we'll just add O2 Home Broadband to your existing service.
  • 10. Will O2 Home Broadband work with my Apple Mac?
  • Yes - and it's easy to get started, without using our set up CD. All you have to do is plug everything in and switch your O2 wireless box on. You'll be online straight away.

    If you want to go wireless or change how your connection is set up, you can use the O2 Home Broadband advanced settings. And if you need help with connection problems or your email, you can give us a call.

O2 Home Broadband Takeaway

  • 1. What's the difference between O2 Home Broadband and O2 Home Broadband Takeaway?
  • The only difference is that O2 Home Broadband Takeaway is easier to set up. And you can activate it when you like: online or by phone.
  • 2. Where can I buy O2 Home Broadband Takeaway?
  • In all O2 and Carphone Warehouse shops.
  • 3. What packages are available?
  • All four of our packages are available: The Basics, the All Rounder, the Works and Access.
  • 4. How do I know what packages I can get?
  • Text your landline number to 61202 and we'll let you know. If you can't text, call 0800 954 1427 and enter in your landline number when prompted. If you don't have a landline, call 0800 380 0402 and we'll check what packages your postcode can get.
  • 5. Can I use the O2 Home Broadband Takeaway box with other internet service providers?
  • No. It will only work with O2 Home Broadband.
  • 6. What is in the O2 Home Broadband Takeaway box?
  • It contains everything you need to get started:

    • Your wireless box
    • Set up CD
    • Quick start guide
    • Power supply
    • Two broadband filters
  • 7. How much does an O2 Home Broadband Takeaway box cost?
  • The box for the Basics and Access costs £30; the box for the All Rounder and the Works costs £50. This cost will be credited back to your first bill depending on which package you sign up for - The Basics and Access customers will be credited with £30, and those customers who take the All Rounder and the Works will be credited with £50. The box remains O2's and you'll have to return it if you leave O2.
  • 8. How do I activate O2 Home Broadband Takeaway?
  • Online: Go to www.o2.co.uk/broadbandtakeaway
    By phone: Call our sales team on 0800 954 1427 Make sure you have available your direct debit details, the activation code shown on the side of your box and a MAC code from your current service provider (if applicable).
  • 9. How long will it take to get connected once I've paid for the O2 Home Broadband Takeaway box?
  • After you’ve signed up, we’ll activate your landline within two weeks, if your line's brand new it can take a couple of days more. We'll send you a text message and email when it’s done. Then just insert the set up CD into your PC or laptop and follow the on screen instructions to get connected.
  • 10. Can I move between packages once I am up and running?
  • Yes. You can move between our the Basics, the All Rounder and the Works packages at any time. The only restriction is that once you sign up to our the Works or the All Rounder packages, you won’t be able to move to the Basics package for your first 6 months. If you're on our Access package you won't be able to change packages.

    Like any broadband service, there are a few charges that occur only in special circumstances, for example if you cancel your contract outside the happiness guarantee period.

    • Early cancellation charge
      If you are within your contract term and cancel early (but outside any promotional money back guarantee period) you will be required to pay any outstanding monthly package charges owing until the end of your contract term.

    • Home mover's charge: £51.06
      If you move more than once in a year.

    • Express cancellation charge: £15.83
      If you want to disconnect O2 Home Broadband or Home Phone straight away rather than waiting for the 30-day notice period after your minimum term. If you're still within your minimum term and outside any money back guarantee, you will also need to pay the monthly subscription fees for the remainder of your minimum term.

    • Reactivation charge: £10.21
      If your account is suspended for some reason.

    • Reconnection charge: £15.83
      If you have to be reconnected - for instance if your landline provider disconnects your landline for not paying your bill.

      See full terms

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If your question isn't answered here, you can email us or just call us instead. Call us on 0800 380 0402 or email us.

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