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Home Broadband


O2 Home Broadband has four packages. See details below for the package you are on.

Sky are busy finalising plans to move home broadband customers to their network starting this autumn. If you’re looking to change package and want to switch sooner, call 08442 414 592*

*Calls to Sky cost 5.1p per minute (plus 15p connection fee) for BT customers. Calls from other providers may vary

Packages within the O2 Broadband network area Outside area
  The Basics The All Rounder The Works Access
Best for... Everyday surfing
and e-mail
Downloading music and catching up on your favourite TV Our top-notch broadband for those who want it all. Best for enjoying movies and connected gaming If you're out of our network area, we can still provide you with a service
O2 mobile customer price £8.50 £12.50 £21.00 £22.50
Standard price £13.50 £17.50 £26.00 £27.50
Add line rental & calls £13.00 £13.00 £13.00 £13.00
Connection charge 12 month contract - none
30-day contract - £30.63
Non-O2 mobile customer - £25.53
Download speed (subject to location) Up to 16meg Up to 16meg Up to 16meg We will give you the fastest download speed available
Wireless router included Standard Standard Best Standard
Monthly download limit 20 GB Truly unlimited downloads Truly unlimited downloads 20 GB per month
Free UK customer service yes yes yes yes
Dedicated Customer Service Number N/A N/A yes N/A
Upload speed (subject to location) Up to 1.1meg Up to 1.1 meg Up to 2meg option available We will give you the fastest upload speed available
McAfee security software yes
Up to 1 licence
Up to 3 licences
Up to 5 licences
Up to 3 licences
Free web texts yes
100 per month
200 per month
500 per month
100 per month
O2 Email addresses yes
Up to 10
Up to 10
Up to 10
Up to 10
O2 Email to Mobile yes yes yes yes
Email storage yes yes yes yes
O2 Contacts yes yes yes yes
Online Calendar yes yes yes yes
Static IP yes
(£5.11 per month)
(£5.11 per month)
30 day happiness guarantee yes yes yes yes
Contract length 12 months or 30 days 12 months or 30 days 12 months or 30 days 12 months or 30 days

Existing Home Broadband customer? Need to get in touch? Call us anytime for free on 0800 230 0202, from your UK mobile or your home phone. Or email us.

O2's award-winning Home Broadband is both great value and excellent quality. But don't just take our word for it; check out our list of awards. We trust they'll speak for themselves.

Remember: if your mobile's already on O2, you can get O2 Home Broadband from just £8.50 a month.

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